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Pulp and paper

With increasing competition and rising prices of energy and raw material, the pulp and paper industry is facing large challenges. The importance of reducing the cost of production whilst increasing the quality of the product and fulfilling new environmental requirements. Reliable and immediately available information is of utmost importance to reach the best possible performance and efficiency in every process step, and it affects aspects of quality, economy and environment.

Acosense offers a simple, safe and ground-breaking solution for online analysis of different process aspects. As the instrument is completely non-invasive, easily installed onto the pipe where the fluid needs to be analyse, it can be applied to a large number of positions and installed without any process modifications.

Dry content in black liquor

The evaporation is the single most energy intensive process where large gains for production, society and environment can be reached by efficiency optimization. ACOspector offers a non-invasive solution for continuous analysis of low as well as high levels of total solids in black liquor, thereby reduce safety margins, evaluate the variations and increase energy efficiency. The analysis is performed without contact with the fluid, enabling a quick installation and minimal maintenance.

Pulp Concentration

Continuous analysis of the quality and properties of the pulp are integral as its properties directly affect the effectivity and the quality of the end product, and the pulp concentration is a basic feature to analyse. Even small improvements can have a large effect and result in large savings. ACOspector is installed onto the pipe and can analyse low as well as high concentrations as the instrument is customized for the installation at hand.

Acosense develops and sells Acospector Acoustic Chemometer, a Clamp-on instrument measuring complex fluids in the process industry.


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