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On this page Acosense will describe the different projects that are carried out indipendently or with partners. Some are partly funded by governmental or regional actors and both partners and financial dependencies are described under each project below.

Through out the years Acosense have recieved support from, among others, Vinnova, PiiA, Swedish Energy Agency, Västra Götalandsregionen and the  European Comission.

Recovery boiler - THe hidden properties of black liquor

Together with the Nordic Paper Bäckhammar-mill we have investigated the posibillities to analyse the black liquor on a deeper level than for example properties such a dissolved solids or density.

The results shows that we, by applying Acosense active acoustic spectroscopy, can follow underlying properties of black liquor and foresee unwanted process stages such as for example the flashing of the black liquor.

The first two stages of this project was performed during 2019 and a third stage is expected to begin during the spring of 2020.

Partners: Nordic Paper Bäckhammar & Fraunhofer-Chalmers Center.

Co-financier: PiiA & Paper Province.


Strengthen, differentiate & expand

To strengthen Acosense product within three selected areas, coating of board and paper, continuous digesters and petrochemistry, the European commission has chosen to finance a project through its SME Instrument-initiative within the Horizon 2020-program.

Together with board mills, pulp mills and petrochemical actors, Acosense will further develop its product and increase the awareness about our solutions around the world, and the effect our solutions has on the process out at the mills and plants.

The project started in October 2019 and will run for 24 months.

Partners: CMPC, Arauco, Borealis med flera.

Co-financier: European Comission.

Verify & Demonstrate

Parts of the development of Acosense current strategy and product has been carried out as a project partly financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

The project aims at verifying relevant functions and demonstrate the effect of the product as well as adding machine learning and broaden the scope of the product by further certifications.

The project started 2017 and will be finished during 2020.

Partners: Iggesund, DNV GL, Innventia/RISE med flera.

Co-financier: Swedish Energy Agency.

Acosense optimises the processing industry by literalilly listening to it. By applying Active Acoustic Spectroscopy a new level of understanding can be reached. Not only fluid properties can be analysed but entire process sections can be understood and superviced. 


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