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At Acosense we are always interested in expanding our network and welcomes spontaneous applications for both jobs, thesis works and research collaborations. Sometimes our need for new competences arises quickly, why a updated network might come handy.

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Vibroacoustic methods for estimating density of a flow in industrial pipe systems

In a pipe with a fluid the density of the fluid affects the resonance frequencies of the pipe. We often estimate parameters that are closely related to fluid density and would like to explore different methods for doing so.


Industrial process forecasting with machine learning

The goal of this master thesis is to forecast the quality and yield using the outputs from the Acosense sensors of a pulp mill. Additionally, the output may be tuned based on what the other sensors measure and data from several plants will be available. A pulp mill is a system with large time constants and large quantities of material involved with makes it challenging to control.

Acosense optimises the processing industry by literalilly listening to it. By applying Active Acoustic Spectroscopy a new level of understanding can be reached. Not only fluid properties can be analysed but entire process sections can be understood and superviced. 


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