Acosense was founded to develop an entirely new and innovative way to follow and analyse processes in the industry, thereby allowing for a greener and more efficient production. Acosense has a clear focus towards pulp & paper but the technology has been proven in many different applications also outside the pulp & paper area, se below.


To continuously achieve highest possible quality and avoid coating related defects on board or paper it is important to keep track on the solid content and viscosity of e.g. coating colour or starch. Acosense instrument analyses both these properties on-line and in real time which puts the operator in control of the process variations.


To know your pulp all the way from the digester to the machine is crucial if you want to really control your process. Acosense instrument can analyse the pulp consistency already at the blow line which means that the mill knows all about their pulp from the moment it leaves the digester. It also continuously provides important information about how the digester is performing and how much pulp that will be available downstream – which affects the entire mill.

Black liquor

The black liquor includes all substances in the wood chips that is not refined to pulp. By knowing the solid content in black liquor during the entire evaporation the entire process can be optimized, scaling can be avoided, and tons of energy can be saved. Acosense instrument analyses both e dissolved and the undissolved, i.e. the total solid content, why the evaporation can be truly optimised. The instrument can also analyse e.g. density and viscosity which can be of value when entering the recovery boiler.


Waste water treatment is an important part of the process on all mills and is often a bottleneck when it comes to increasing the overall capacity. By continuously analysing the sludge content on a couple of positions, the mill can optimise and improve several parts of the waste water treatment and dewatering processes. One example is to know the sludge content when adding polymers for dewatering – and save large amounts on reduced polymer usage. Acosense instrument can analyse both fibre, chemical, bio and mixed sludge.


Food and dairy

Modern food production plants have developed to complex units requiring high levels of automation. Compared to other industrial production it must also be absolutely clean, making installation and maintenance of traditional instrumentation difficult. With Acosense product ACOspector this is possible to achieve by the completely non-invasive installation and the real time surveillance.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry manufactures a large number of products, affecting almost every part of our daily lives. As in other businesses, there is growing competition as well as increasing requirements for environmental aspects in a safe and profitable production. Acosense offers a flexible solution for online analysis, providing means for running the process closer to its optimum.

Waste water treatment

The access to clean water is a necessary requirement for any society. Installing the ACOspector at the waste water processing plant can provide improved methods for surveillance and control required to optimize today’s operation, thereby reducing the need for chemicals, in turn leading to lower emissions.

Acosense optimises the processing industry by literalilly listening to it. By applying Active Acoustic Spectroscopy a new level of understanding can be reached. Not only fluid properties can be analysed but entire process sections can be understood and superviced. 


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