Food and dairy

Modern food production plants have developed to complex units requiring high levels of automation. Compared to other industrial production it must also be absolutely clean, making installation and maintenance of traditional instrumentation difficult. With Acosense product ACOspector this is possible to achieve by the completely non-invasive installation and the real time surveillance.

Increasing control leads to increasing efficiency, leading to more even quality and reduced environmental impact.


With the instrument ACOspector, the viscosity can be analysed in real time, without fluid contact. The instrument presents its measured value straight to the process control system. With increased process information, it is possible to guide the process to specified product qualities earlier without delay; the information is presented continuously.

Cheese Coagulation

When manufacturing cheese, the raw material makes up the largest part of the production cost. For one kilogram of cheese, approximately ten litres of milk is required. The time it takes for the coagulation is a key parameter to get a fine cheese with good quality. Analysing the coagulation process provides opportunities to further optimize waste volume, obtain an even quality and deal with the variations which arise.

Acosense develops and sells Acospector Acoustic Chemometer, a Clamp-on instrument measuring complex fluids in the process industry.


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