Strengthen, differentiate & expand

Strengthen, differentiate & Expand

The header refers to the three main parts of the project – Strengthen, Differentiate and Expand our current offer. This will be achieved by, together with customers, verify the function on entire coating colour sections at board machines, continious digesters at kraft pulp mills and applications within the petrochemical industry.

On this page Acosense will continuously inform with regards to the projects development and publish results.

Latest news

The installation at Södra Cell Mönsterås is now finalised and analysis e.g. pulp consistency at the blow line and solid content in black liquor. Next step is to fully integrate machine learning and AI-algorithms to reach the full potential of Acosense acoustic method.

In October 2020 Acosense handed in the 12 month interim report for evaluation and we are now looking forward to the second part of the project.

Stora Enso is now an official partner in the project. At the Skoghall mill outside Karlstad Acosense and Stora Enso will further develop the board coating colour applications to minimise coating related problems on the board, as described in strengthen below. 

Södra Cell is now an official partner in the project. At the Södra mill in Mönsterås Acosense and Södra will look into the optimisation of pulp digester using Acosense acoustic method described as differentiate below. 

Arauco and CMPC in Chile are two partners in this project. For Arauco it’s the pulp mill in Nueva Aldea that together with Acosense will develop methods for optimisation of continuous digesters. For CMPC it’s the board mill in Maule that will be part of the development of instruments for optimisation of the coating process. The installation on both mills were done in the first quarter of 2020.


The project

The project revolves around three main work packages (WPs) that, as the header indicates, aims at strengthen, differentiate and expand Acosense offer, further explained below. The project started in October 2019 and will last for 24 months.


By, together with board mills, cover the entire coating section of a board machine the project will make it possible to release the full potential of controlling the coating colour properties in real time. Acosense will be able to fine tune the offer by efficiently using and transferring the experiences and model features from one coating station to another, and from one mill to another. Utilising such knowledge and experience future installation will be less of a standalone installation, as it is today, but rather a modified version of a previous one. By improving the possibility of such model transferability Acosense will vastly improve the offer, lower the vulnerability and lower the time for installation and calibration. All of which strengthens the business case.

This part makes up the first work package (WP1).


To achieve maximum yield when digesting wood chips to pulp, and to minimise the negative effects on the fibres, the operation of the digester is dependent on many different parameters and external factors. Such can be temperature, moisture in the wood chips, washing liquor parameters, white liquor alkali etc. By applying Acosense active acoustic spectroscopy on several parts of the digester entirely new ways of information extraction will be possible thus also new ways to apply machine learning to the process. Doing so, Acosense will differentiate the current offer and help customers reach higher yield in their digesters.

This part makes up the second work packaged (WP2).


Acosense product obtained Ex-certification during the winter 2019 and we will therefore be able to meet the need from customers with explosive atmospheres as well. Together with customers within the petrochemical industry several applications will be verified, and the marketing and product launch will “hit the road running” with several verified applications right away. The first steps will be taken within steam cracking where heavier hydrocarbons are broken up into other products.

This part makes up the third work packaged (WP3).

These three parts are work packages 1-3 while the entire projects include four more. They are Scaleup, Certification & IP, Business development & dissemination and Project management.

Contact person
Ann Winzell,, +46 31-763 26 00

This project has received funding from the European Union’s
Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 880935

Acosense optimises the processing industry by literalilly listening to it. By applying Active Acoustic Spectroscopy a new level of understanding can be reached. Not only fluid properties can be analysed but entire process sections can be understood and superviced. 


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