About Acosense

Acosense develops and sells Acospector Acoustic Chemometer, a Clamp-on instrument measuring complex fluids in the process industry, delivering analysis previously thought difficult or impossible to obtain. The innovative technique can measure a multitude of properties simultaneously and delivers accurate measurements even on opaque, viscous or corrosive fluids.

Pulp and paper

With increasing competition and rising prices on energy and raw materials, the pulp and paper industry is facing large challenges. It is increasingly important to reduce the cost of production as well as raising the quality of the product whilst dealing with new stricter environmental requirements. Acosense product ACOspector contributes  to reducing the costs and the consumption of materials end energy.

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Food and dairy

Modern food production plants have developed to complex units requiring high levels of automation. Compared to other industrial production it must also be absolutely clean, making installation and maintenance of traditional instrumentation difficult. With Acosense product ACOspector this is possible to achieve by the completely non-invasive installation and the real time surveillance.

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Chemical Industry

The chemical industry manufactures a large number of products, affecting almost every part of our daily lives. As in other businesses, there is growing competition as well as increasing requirements for environmental aspects in a safe and profitable production. Acosense offers a flexible solution for online analysis, providing means for running the process closer to its optimum.

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Waste water treatment

The access to clean water is a necessary requirement for any society. Installing the ACOspector at the waste water processing plant can provide improved methods for surveillance and control required to optimize today’s operation, thereby reducing the need for chemicals, in turn leading to lower emissions.

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Acoustic Chemometer

ACOspector is an online instrument which uses acoustics to analyze liquids in pipes continously and in real time; without invasive installation procedures. The technology is easy to use, flexible and opens up whole new opportunities for continuous monitoring, analysis and optimization of industrial processes.


..to hear the differences making a difference.

ACOspector uses the technology active acoustic spectroscopy to analyze complex fluids in the process industry. To analyze the fluid, a known acoustic signal is transmitted through the pipe wall and the fluid. The signal is affected by the fluid properties, and by analyzing the recorded acoustic spectrum conclusions regarding the fluid and its properties can be drawn.


..from sound to information.

The acousic spectrum is utilized to determine the wanted fluid properties based on an earlier established model connecting acoustic properties to fluid properties. The model is unique to each application and tailored to each instrument.


..information continuous in real time.

The property of interest, analyzed in the fluid, or the prediction, is conveyed to the factory system via supplied 4-20 module or, as optional extra, Anybus.

Join us and digitalise the process industry!

Acosense optimises the processing industry by literalilly listening to it. By applying Active Acoustic Spectroscopy a new level of understanding can be reached. Not only fluid properties can be analysed but entire process sections can be understood and superviced. 


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